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digital dentistry
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The appearance of all Hollywood stars is united by a perfect smile and it’s not important whether it’s innate or acquired, because a person with a beautiful smile, according to statistics, feels more confident and attractive .”Veneer is a thin ceramic lining that is fixed to the front surface of the tooth. The veneer's function is to correct defects and curvature of the dentition, and create a Hollywood smile.




7350 грн

IPS E.MAX Press veneers are high strength, highly aesthetic ceramics.

EMAX veneers are veneers that are made by cutting veneers from a ceramic block. The veneer plate is strong, durable.

For the manufacture of this type of veneers, ceramics of the same color are cast, for example, A1, Bleach and any other color. The entire thickness of the veneer is one color.

If desired, a relief is applied to the surface of the veneer (nature)



9520 грн

Feldspar veneers are manual layering of ceramics, a layer thickness of a fraction of a millimeter. Highly accurate precision work of the dental technician, to achieve maximum color rendering.

When applied by a technician, the patient's anthropometric initial data are taken into account to reproduce a natural smile, to create naturalness.

High strength veneers.


1500 грн


Magic Smile - American, laser system for teeth whitening.

Harmless and painless technology, there is no sensitivity after the procedure.


On the first visit, the doctor conducts a complete diagnosis of the oral cavity. Selects the perfect color and the most suitable shape of the teeth, emphasizing facial features.

On the second visit, he prepares an exact wax model of your future teeth and tries temporary veneers on his teeth. You walk with a temporary smile until the permanent veneers are ready.



On the third visit, permanent veneers are installed and your Hollywood smile is ready.


  • You are not satisfied with the color and shape of your teeth;
  • You have gaps and gaps between your teeth;
  • Rough dentition, slight curvature of the teeth;
  • Old fillings and restorations on teeth;
  • Stained teeth (fluorosis);
  • Congenital defects of the dentition;
  • For restoration of aesthetics of teeth after injuries or unsuccessful treatment;
  • Gum correction;
  • Anti-age aesthetics;

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Head doctor, surgeon-dentist-orthopedist Experience 11 years

  • Leading specialist in aesthetic and surgical dentistry:
  • total prosthetics, maxillofacial surgery;
  • aesthetic prosthetics (creating a "Hollywood smile"), ceramic veneers, non-metal crowns, half crowns, zirconia-based crowns;
  • micro prosthetics and microimplantation of teeth;
  • dental implants, bone and soft tissue augmentation, sinus lift, bone tissue extension);
  • extraction of teeth, cysts of any complexity
  • Surgery under sedation, work with a pesotome;
  • Member of the Association of Implantologists of Ukraine;
  • Expert of the STB television channel; “For Live” TV projects (STB channel), “New Life”, “Speak Ukraine” (Ukraine channel);
  • The author of the method “Combined Dental Crown” is a patent for cinnamon, model No. 122926, January 25, 2018

1-й народный рейтинг


Smile modeling process

3D smile design

  • The design of your future smile is created taking into account the physiological characteristics and wishes of the patient
  • You can look at different options for smiles and make your own corrections and wishes according to the shape, color and size of the teeth.
  • In the clinic, the doctor tries on a model of future teeth. You should feel that these are “your teeth” in terms of functionality, comfort and the beauty of a smile.
  • And the finish stage, fixing the finished veneers and your Hollywood smile is ready.

3D smile design
3D smile design


“The Hollywood smile from Dr. Starostin is not only the correction of small defects in the dentition, but in most cases the doctor specializes in solving complex clinical problems.

  • His job is to correct congenital or acquired oral defects.
  • The doctor conducts surgical treatment with complete implantation of the dentition with a false total prosthetics.
  • Surgical correction of the bite, implant prosthetics with crowns, as well as the innovative Bio Hpp conditionally removable prosthesis
  • Corrects gaps, gaps between teeth, physiological defects of the dentition.
  • Installing veneers is just the visible side of the job.
All the work did not go through a single treatment and not a single filter was used, from a huge number of doctors' portfolios, we expose only a small part of the clinical cases ”

Patient - Case 1

Diagnosis: uneven abnormal abrasion of teeth. Severe violation of muscle hyperfunction, lack of teeth. Restoring the aesthetics and functionality of the dento-jaw row of the upper and lower jaws. 10 implants, 10 zirconium crowns on the implants were installed (visual example in the picture, the holes are closed a week after fixation) and 18 zirconium (veneers + crowns).

Case (continued)

OM1 color, the color was selected for the natural shade of the tooth, the shape and size of the teeth under the anatomical features of the patient. Full reincarnation of a smile. The patient has a harmonious smile that functions like normal teeth.

Patient - Case 2

Full reincarnation of a smile. 28 ceramic veneers of BL 3 color for the entire group of teeth and 2 implants with zirconium crowns were installed. Orthodontic treatment is contraindicated.

Case (continued)

Full reincarnation of a smile. 28 ceramic veneers of BL 3 color for the entire group of teeth and 2 implants with zirconium crowns were installed. Orthodontic treatment is contraindicated.

Patient - Case 3

Complete restoration of the dentition, bite transformation. Implants were installed in the lateral parts of the upper and lower jaw. Production of zirconium crowns on implants and ceramic veneers for the entire group of teeth. Bl 3 color.

Case (continued)

Straumann SLActive implants were installed: 2 implants on the upper jaw and 3 on the lower jaw in the lateral parts.

Patient - Case 4

After unsuccessful orthodontic treatment (in another medical clinic), the patient turned to the clinic for an orthopedic solution to the aesthetic problem. Installation of veneers on all teeth.

Patient - Case 5

Diagnosis: Pathological abrasion of the entire group of teeth. Strong hypertonicity of the masticatory muscles. Treatment: Production of temporary veneers for 1 month. for diagnosis. After replacement for permanent ceramic restorations for the entire group of teeth with overstatement of the bite. Photo "after" after 2 years. Restored aesthetics and functionality.

Patient - Case 6

The presence of old fillings and restorations, crowns, lack of teeth, bruxism, the inability to use solid food. Preliminary therapeutic preparation of teeth, implantation, installation of zirconium crowns on the upper and lower jaw. The treatment period is 1 month.

Patient - Case 7

The patient refused orthodontic treatment due to permanent residence in Miami. Made ultra-thin ceramic veneers for the entire group of teeth. Color BL2. The term of production is 5 working days.

Patient - Case 8

Complaints: pathological abrasion, deep bite, shape and color of teeth. Raising the bite by 5 mm, restoring the consequence of the abrasion of all groups of teeth with the help of ceramic restorations. 32 units of ceramic veneers were installed. Duration of treatment: 4 weeks.

Patient - Case 9

Diagnosis: poor color, shape and presence of old fillings and tooth restorations. Reconstruction of a smile with ceramic veneers on the upper jaw. The wish of the patient is plain, opaque BL 1. Duration of treatment: 10 days

Patient - Case 10

Poor color and shape of the teeth. Treatment: manufacture of ceramic and zirconium veneers on the upper and lower jaw.Duration of treatment: 16 days

Patient - Case 11

Complaints: on the aesthetic appearance of a smile, the color, size and shape of the teeth. Treatment: Installing ceramic veneers on the upper and lower jaw. The term of the work is 14 working days

Patient - Case 12

Complaints: aesthetic discomfort, the presence of three and diadem between the teeth (crevices), old restorations, lack of teeth in the lateral departments. Using a removable denture on the lower jaw for 15 years. Treatment: Installation of 5 implants on the lower jaw, production of zirconium crowns on implants. Single ceramic veneers and e.max CAD / CAM crowns for all teeth of the upper and lower jaw.

Patient - Case 13

Complaints: the non-aesthetic appearance of the teeth, the presence of old fillings and restorations, the absence of 5 teeth in the lateral departments. The implants were installed in the lateral sections, and ceramic veneers on the upper and lower jaws were made.

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