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Program: Hour with an expert

Everyone gets lighter with a smile, of course. But not everyone has a Hollywood smile. Alexander Starostin, dentist surgeon, orthopedist provides very practical tips that allow you to keep your teeth longer and smile more confidently. Which toothbrush to choose? Pasta or powder? Dangerous folk methods. Professional cleaning and whitening. Veneers, implants. How to deal with tooth sensitivity? We talk about it all on air.

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For the living!

Alexandr Starostin
Alexandr Starostin
Alexandr Starostin
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My face kills my talent

Her voice won millions. She is a new star! Tickets for this singer’s concerts are sold out a year in advance! She is loved and worn in her arms.But all this is only a dream so far! "Bravo!" and "Encore!" - this is what she wants to hear. But in reality, only “What a horror!” Sounds after her. To enter the big stage, the girl is hindered by what she hides under the mask!In the studio "Says Ukraine" (channel "Ukraine") find out what secret this girl hides from everyone under a mask? What prevents her from fulfilling dreams of a big stage?

Dreams should come true!

We also did not remain indifferent to the fate of Julia and took a direct part in changing her appearance.

Speaking Ukraine is three years old. It was three years ago that the project began to change the fate of people. Thanks to Aleksei Sukhanov and the program editors, Julia Mikheykina was noticed by the dentists of the ACCA clinic, the creators of the MONOVE LIFE project and, of course, Yuri Thalesa. We talked about the relationship between Julia and Dr. Slosser in a previous interview. Today, for the anniversary issue of the program in which the first song of Julia will be presented, we decided to talk with her about the creative part of the project.

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my new life

Yulia Miheykina

Foreword: Julia Mikheikina - participant of the project “My New Life”. Julia really wanted to change herself and her appearance. Julia herself was not able to change her own life. First, she should have changed her appearance.We, the specialists of the ASSA dental clinic, could not stay away. The smile of Julia Mikheikina is the fruit of our fruitful work. And to see in more detail how everything happened, you can follow the link.

Interview with the participant of the project “My new life”

Dental clinic ASSA

“New Life” is the name of the project, the next issue of which was released last Sunday, April 5. This time, TV channel viewers of Ukraine watched the transformation of Yulia Mikheykina . Today, Julia told reporters of the Q-wel portal about what really happened in her life during the project, and how she changed after. So, the interview of the most positive person of all that I saw:

- Yulia, how did you get on the project?

- This is a very entertaining story! Two years ago, I sent a questionnaire to the STB TV show: “I’m going to blow my own body.” Having not received any feedback during the year, from despair, I wrote a message to the channel group. In the message, I expressed all the bitterness of disappointment and my resentment, because they were my last hope to change something.

-- So you first turned to STB? How did it happen that you ended up at the TRK Ukraine?

- I myself was surprised. Some time after being published in the STB group, the editors of the Ukraine Says program called me and invited me to broadcast. I grabbed for them, as for a saving straw and was not mistaken! The very next day after the broadcast of the program with my participation, they called me back from the project “ My New Life ”. And from that moment my new life really began!

- As far as we know, you did not immediately agree to take part in the project. Why?

- Yes, indeed, for a long time I refused to participate in the project, because I was offered a doctor who, in my opinion, could not achieve the results on my face that the Master achieved.

- The master is Dmitry Vladimirovich Slosser? It turns out you agreed not so much on the project as on the doctor?

- Exactly! Understand that for 26 years of my life I suffered because of my appearance and dreamed that it would end! After watching the broadcasts, I realized that only Dr. Slosser possessed sufficient qualifications for successful changes.

- They say Dr. Slosser is not a very nice person, he is often called arrogant and dry, is that true?

- (laughs) You know, I argued on this subject with the whole crew! Dmitry Vladimirovich is really a very distant and calm person, which is why it sometimes seems that he puts himself above everyone else. But, in fact, you need to feel it! He is very kind, and sometimes, as is the case with my discharge, also emotional!

- In the end, you got what you wanted? Has your life changed?

- As I said, my life began to change even after “Ukraine Says”. During the filming, I met a wonderful person Yuri Thales and on April 17 the release of the program will be released, where we will present my first and hopefully not the last song written by Vladimir Kurto. My biggest dream came true! I found a beautiful face, a new nose, a gorgeous smile - for her special thanks to the dentists of the ASSA clinic, recorded the song and believed in myself! Yulia told us much more of her life before and after: about friendship with the ASSA doctors, about gratitude to the Kurto family, about the support of Baranskaya Olga Vladimirovna and the editor Natalya, as well as about her dreams, goals and realities. All this cannot be accommodated in one interview, and therefore we decided to start a cycle of materials about heroin, whose heart is so large that it can embrace the whole world! To be continued.

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