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WHAT IS A DENTAL IMPLANT? A dental implant is a substitute for a tooth root. It is made from a particularly durable, lightweight and biocompatible material (titanium, zirconium or their alloy). The lost tooth is restored by installing the implant in the jawbone, and is subsequently used as a support for the crown.LOST TOOTH MUST BE RESTORED AS FASTER AS POSSIBLEHaving lost one or several teeth, it is necessary to restore them as soon as possible. If you delay with treatment, negative changes will inevitably occur in the body :

  • In the direction of the missing tooth, adjacent teeth will begin to move. As a result, the bite will become irregular, it will be more difficult to chew and physiologically not correct, difficulties may occur when brushing your teeth, and a headache may also appear. The appearance of gaps and the inclination of teeth will undoubtedly affect the beauty of a smile.
  • The jaw bone will begin to atrophy, as it does not receive the necessary load in place of the lost tooth. As a result of this, the shape of the face will begin to change over time.

Dental implant Straumann


Implantation is nowadays the most advanced method of restoring one, come all several lost teeth.

  •  Reliable procedure:
Implants root 96-100%. 
  •  Painless, simple, quick operation:
For the procedure, a local anesthesia, if desired, the patient can be carried out under sedation and the duration of surgery 30 minutes. 
  • The maximum aesthetic result:
To distinguish modern implanted tooth from the present can only a doctor after a detailed examination of the oral cavity of the patient. 
  •  More progressive than dentures and bridges


Dentures, the classical solution for those who have lost the most teeth or has a full edentulous dentition. But dentures have their disadvantages: 

  • Constant or frequent pain syndrome
Patients, the choice of which steel dentures to replace missing teeth, are forced to accept that they will always push and RUB. This occurs because of missing teeth, the jaw bone atrophies and fabricate a prosthesis that will ideally fit for a long time is simply impossible. 
  • Limitations in chewing:
It is particularly difficult to bite and chew solid foods. 
  • Psychological discomfort:
Most people who wear dentures, have a psychological complex associated with permanent removable prosthesis. 
  • People with removable dentures often try to hide a smile.


 A dental bridge is the Union of the crowns of artificial teeth, which is set based on the neighboring healthy teeth. For decades this method of restoring missing teeth was the most popular, but he always had several significant drawbacks: 

  • Higher the risk of developing diseases of the teeth:
To set up the bridge, healthy adjacent teeth must be cut down, which greatly reduces their strength and integrity. The bridge is a place of a congestion of food that are difficult to clean, which creates a favorable environment for the development of caries. 
  • Workaround problems:
Bridge will need to be replaced the patient in 5-10 years. It is likely that healthy teeth support who were under the bridge have to be destroyed partially or completely and is possible after removing the bridge, these teeth will go under the removal.

Straumann premium implants
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Straumann BLT implant, Roxolid, SLA,TI ZR 

The price for the first stage: implant installation

16000 грн

Straumann BLT implant, Roxolid, SLActive, TI ZR (Switzerland)            "wet implant"

The price for the first stage: implant installation

18500 грн

Stage 2: orthopedic (Straumann): (use only original parts from the manufacturer)

The installation of the healing abutment (straumann) - 2500 UAH

The abutment (straumann) - 6830 грн

installing crown on implant (optional):

Metal crown on screw fixing-          3400 UAH

Metal-free ceramic crown screw fixation - 7820 грн

 High survival rates

For many years dental implants Straumann - the most popular dental implants throughout the world. Emphasis on clinical and scientific research, improvement of technology, Swiss quality, all this led to the fact that the Straumann brand is synonymous with the highest standards of quality implantation.

In 2013, Sweden conducted the largest independent study of the history of dentistry. The overall implant survival rate around the world was very high - 96.4% with 11 311 implants. Straumann implants have taken root up to 60 times more than other brands. Implant survival rates depend on the material from which it is made, the surface, its shape and its connection with the dental crown.

Straumann premium implants

Unique SLActive surface

Straumann implants have a porous SLA surface at the micro level, which, according to studies, guarantees the best and quickest implant engraftment. Today - this is the gold standard for the manufacture of implants. In order to improve the technology, Straumann created and patented the chemically active surface of the SLActive implant, which significantly reduced the implant survival time. SLActive implants stimulate the healing process, improve blood supply to bone tissue, reduce inflammation and accelerate bone formation. All this halves the period of survival of the implant and increases the likelihood of its engraftment.

Implant Straumann

Unique Roxolid Alloy

Straumann manufactures implants with the patented titanium-zirconium alloy - Roxolid. Scientific studies have shown that the engraftment rates of Roxolid implants are 1.6% better compared to other materials. Roxolid is 35% stronger than titanium. Almost half of patients have insufficient bone tissue, so they have to be artificially increased, which increases the cost and duration of treatment. Thanks to the Roxolid alloy, it is possible to use an implant of a smaller diameter and in 54% of cases to avoid surgery with bone growth. Thus, the degree of intervention in the human body is reduced.


CrossFit - Extra strong and precise connection


Straumann Roxolid implant is a patented alloy of titanium and zirconium that allows the use of implants with a smaller diameter, providing greater stability and durability of the implant and less invasive procedures.


Straumann SLActive Implant - A chemically active implant surface provides 99-100% implant survival and halves healing time.

Bone Control Design

A shape of the implant that preserves bone and is acceptable for each patient: the unique design of the implants provides excellent stability and does not create additional pressure on the jaw bone, which guarantees a long and high-quality implant result.

Implant Straumann

 Lifetime warranty. Because a smile should be everlasting. ( by the Straumann Group)

Five-year warranty on ceramic abutments, metal-free beam structure and bridges with screw fixation, and metal free restoration based on the teeth and implants.

Lifetime warranty Lifetime warranty provides for the replacement of the final restoration to an equivalent implant and an equivalent metal abutment.

Straumann dental implant system

Ten year warranty on the abutments of the Straumann® Novaloc®, a metal beam structure and bridges with screw fixation, metal and nanoceramic composite restoration based on the teeth and implants.

Straumann dental implant system

 International lifetime warranty 

Straumann provides a lifetime warranty on implants provided that the original components are used. In case of loss of the implant, the patient will not be left unattended wherever he goes and no matter how many years have passed since the operation. A doctor in a clinic in the world will be able to get an implant for free from your nearest Straumann representative (but Straumann does not compensate for the costs of re-treatment). After implantation, the patient receives a certificate and an implant passport, which indicates the use of original components.

 Trusted manufacturer

Straumann dental implant system

Straumann is the world's largest manufacturer of dental implants. Being the founder of dental implantology and having many patents, Straumann has been producing high-quality dental implants and has been returning smiles to millions of people around the world for over 40 years. In Ukraine, Straumann has been operating since 2007. Due to the high quality and best results of engraftment, almost every fourth dental implant, which is installed in the world, is made at the Straumann factory. Straumann collaborates with more than 150 universities and research institutes, and the reliability of implants is confirmed by more than 3,000 scientific studies. Straumann has representative offices in more than 70 countries, so wherever you go and no matter what happens, there is always a doctor who works with the Straumann implant system. Straumann guarantees Swiss quality. The implants are manufactured in a modern factory in Switzerland, in the region that is known for the production of Rolex watches, Longines and other high-quality movements.

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