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Closed sinus lift - 3500 UAH

Open sinus lift - 5500 UAH 



   A sinus lift operation is performed on the upper jaw when the maxillary sinus floor is too low to increase the volume of the bone for implantation, and it is also performed before implantation in cases of bone deficiency in the lateral parts of the alveolar process of the upper jaw, and this happens when the tooth is removed and implants are not installed , the bone does not receive a load and its atrophy begins over time. Sinus lifting makes it possible to provide the required volume of bone tissue in order to create ideal anatomical conditions for the implantation procedure. In order to avoid this operation, our experts advise installing implants simultaneously with tooth extraction, if there are no inflammations, granulations, cysts or neoplasms on the tooth roots, if contraindications exist, then it is necessary to follow the recommendations of the surgeon and install the implant in place of the extracted tooth no later than 6 months so that the process of bone atrophy does not go, and also that the bone ridge does not decrease in volume and the bone does not become porous. These recommendations will save you from the need to carry out a sinus lift operation in the future. In our clinic, specialists conduct open and closed sinus.


  The closed type is carried out in one step and belongs to the category of non-traumatic operations, in other words, it is a soft sinus or internal indirect. The initial difference from the open sinus, in the same technique, the surgeon installs implants in the raised maxillary sinus bottom. But the use of the closed sinus is possible when the bone height of the maxillary sinus is from 8 mm to 4 mm, since such a volume allows you to get a solid initial stabilization of the implant in the jaw.

The operation itself occurs in this way: a hole is made in the maxillary sinus with the help of a cutter, osteoplastic material is poured into the open cavity, it can be synthetic or natural. Next, an implant is installed in the operated space. A prerequisite is the primary fixation of the implant. After the closed sinus, it is strictly forbidden to immediately load the implants, even with a temporary crown. It is necessary to wait for the implant survival period with bone volume.

Closed sinus lifting

 Closed and open sinus lift in the first stages of the operation are identical. But in the closed sinus after placement and ramming of the material in the jawbone, the implant dentist does not suture the gingival flap, but installs implants in the formed foundation, thereby reducing the rehabilitation period to 4-6 months. At the same time, its upper part takes the place where the maxillary sinus mucosa was previously located. The lower part of the implant is firmly fixed in the maxillary bone.

The final surgical stage occurs when the gum flap surgeon returns to its original place and stitches are applied. Implants remain under the gingival tissue. After a couple of months, the implants take root and the prosthetics stage begins, the gingival structure is again separated and the abutment is installed and the laboratory makes a crown.


Open sine lifting is performed in several stages. And treat the more traumatic type of operation, in other words, it is an external sinus lift, with direct access through the lateral window. It is used when chewing teeth are lost for a long time and thereby increasing the likelihood that the bottom of the maxillary sinus has thinned less than 4 mm. In this case, talking about the closed sinus does not even make sense, since applying the doctor in such a situation, the doctor will get a complication, so it is important to conduct a thorough diagnosis, examine the patient’s CT scan and plan the surgery to a millimeter. The first visit is bone growth, an increase in its volume. The second stage, after 8-12 months, implants are installed in the operated space. And the final stage in 4-6 months is prosthetics.

Open sinus lifting

The operation begins with anesthesia of the area of the operation, which allows the patient to feel nothing, with special surgical instruments, the gum is peeled off and drilled through the bone structure, after which a hole is obtained through which the bottom of the maxillary sinus is raised so that free space appears. Further, this space is filled with osteomaterial, which is then densely compacted. The gingival flap is placed in the same place and is carefully sutured. When the placed synthetic or natural bone material is firmly fused with natural tissues, the surgeon can proceed to the stage of installing implants in the prepared area. And only after 3-6 months the implants take root, the doctor can begin the final stage of prosthetics. The open sinus takes a longer rehabilitation in the process of obtaining full teeth.

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