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Neodent by straumann

A UNIQUE PURPOSENeodent® is a global leader in the production of dental implants, which offers high quality implants, with years of experience of clinical success and patient satisfaction. Neodent philosophy is to make the implants available to a wider range of people. 25 years, the company specializiruetsya on the design, development and manufacture of dental implants and related prosthetic components, and in that time has sold over 12 million implants. Solutions Neodent is focused on progressive concepts of treatment to ensure progress in dentistry and the availability to create new smiles every day.

Over the past 25 years, Neodent® has become a leading company in dental implants in the area of protocols for immediate treatment such as immediate implant placement or immediate loading. In addition, Neodent® has developed a unique function based on key biological principles, is designed to maximize predictability and long-term results.

Доля Штраумана
100% (51% приобретено в 2015 году; первоначальные 49% в 2012 году)

The world's largest manufacturing company of dental implants. Neodent® is an implant, available in more than 40 countries.

25 years of history. More than two decades the main attention was devoted to dental implantology.

Clinical confidence: + 45K dentists. One of the biggest networks.

Clinical evidence: +250K research. Widely documented implant system.

Implantation of the Neodent system
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Neodent - implants with immediate loading

The Grand Morse ® implant system was developed on the basis of the inside-out concept, starting with the implant core: the prosthetic interface. The result is a solution that combines mechanical strength and universal solutions for prosthetics - from one to multiple and from the usual to digital. A complete system that offers several developed benefits to make your smile functional while working more efficiently.

Stability Designed for predictable results with immediate implantation in all types of bone Aesthetics Immediate natural aesthetics Reliability A stable and solid foundation for long-term success

Acqua® hydrophilic surfacedeveloped for high predictability of treatment

The hydrophilic surface Neodent® Acqua ™ is the next level of the hugely successful S. L. A. surface type, designed to achieve successful results even in difficult situations such as soft bones or immediate protocols (6-9)

The comparison surface. Laboratory image.

Neodent implant

Standard Hydrophobe Surface


Acqua ™Hydrophilic Surface

The hydrophilic surface Neodent Acqua

The hydrophilic surface has lower contact angle when in contact with hydrophilic liquids.This provides greater access to organic liquids to the surface of the implant Acqua.

Lifetime warranty. Because the smile has to be eternal ( by Neodent Straumann Group)

Implants with lifetime warranty *

Five-year warranty on ceramic restorations *

Ten years guarantee on metal abutments and restoration *

Products sold by Neodent are protected by US patents *

Neodent guarantee
Neodent guarantee
Neodent guarantee
ILAPEO Institute
ILAPEO Institute
ILAPEO institute

For patients, we are ready to go beyond the possible. The Latin American Institute for dental research and education (Instituto Latino Americano de Pesquisa e Ensino Odontológico, ILAPEO) passed accreditation of the Ministry of education of Brazil (Ministério da Educaçã MEC), and its first students have already received their diplomas. The Institute was founded in 2004 by entrepreneurs Ganino and Clemilda Volume as a research and educational branch of the company Neodent, the leading manufacturer of implants. One of the first from the Ukraine, Dr. Starostin, Alexander V. was trained and received a diploma at the Instituto Latino Americano de Pesquisa e Ensino Odontológico, ILAPEO). And has the status of sertificirovannim specialist Neodent implants by Straumann.

We believe that clinical experience is the basis for professionals to master the skills. Neodent has close partnerships with Ilapeo, the Latin American Institute for dental research and education, a world-renowned centre of excellence for research and continuing education in the field of clinical practice of dentistry.Since its inception in 2004, more than 3,000 professionals from around the world have been trained in Ilapia with experienced professors and dedicated staff members, which led doctors to a significant experience in their professional life.

Facility Team.A rare opportunity to learn from ILAPEO, in the institution in which working professionals, teachers and researchers, whose aim for the past 14 years was to offer recognized and certified intensive courses for graduate students, specialists and masters.

ILAPEO Institute
Dentists surgeons
ILAPEO Institute
Dentists surgeons
Starostin Aleksandr surgeon
Starostin Aleksandr surgeon
ILAPEO Institute
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