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Dental orthodontics


CONSULTATION AND DIAGNOSTICSWe collect data for analysis: dental impressions, facial arch parameters, the ratio of the upper and lower jaw. We carry out a photo protocol and a series of x-rays. We decipher the received data and draw up a treatment plan.

INSTALLATION OF BRACESWe fix the selected bracket system to a sanitized oral cavity.



REGULAR REVIEWEvery month we activate the system - we change the position and angle of inclination of each bracket and replace the arc with a stronger one. Treatment lasts 1-2 years. This applies to ligature systems. If your choice is a self-ligating bracket system, inspection and replacement of arcs occurs every 3-4 months.

REMOVING BRACESThe most important thing after removing braces is to record the result of work. The new position of the teeth and roots is temporarily splinted using a retainer or a transparent mouth guard.


What can be corrected?

  • Align tooth curvature
  • Change the wrong bite
  • Eliminate tooth and bite abnormalities
  • Remove gaps and gaps (trems, diastema) between the teeth
  • Extend the uncut tooth and place it in an arc
  • Create a place for implantation
  • Prepare teeth before prosthetics

Installations of braces

Orthodontician specialists and bit correction

Our orthodontists use both standard methods of treatment and innovative technologies in the field of orthodontics in their work to correct occlusions. In their practice, they use treatment with all types and leaders of bracket systems, as well as microimplantation, digital orthodontics. Due to this, orthodontics in the ASSA clinic is a new level in the field of correction of uneven teeth. Pluses in accuracy of orthodontic treatment and acceleration of the treatment process.

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Katerina Kalvari orthodontist



  • Conducting adult and children's receptions;
  • Treatment of occlusion pathologies with the help of myofunctional devices;
  • Orthodontic treatment using ligature and self-ligating braces;
  • Orthodontic preparation before implantation and prosthetics.

Types of bracket-systems and orthodontic equipment


The aesthetic appearance of the braces is hardly noticeable on the teeth, there is a slight drawback is the friction between the arc and the groove of the structure, which means a longer period of wearing braces.

orthodontic equipment


They are located on the inside of the tooth and are invisible to the human eye. This is the biggest advantage and difference from vestibular systems. The downside of this system is addiction and individual discomfort.

The aesthetic appearance of the braces


Transparent braces are made of single crystals, which makes them mechanically strong and has a high aesthetics. They are not stained and light to wear.

Located on the inside of the tooth


An alternative to bracket systems. A number of removable transparent drops that are used to move teeth in order to align them. Invisible, easy to use, do not require activation, do not cause discomfort.

High aesthetics backet


Affordable, effective, popular. But one drawback is visible to the human eye. Most suitable for children, since it is impossible to chop it.

Invisible, easy to use
Popular bracket system

Portfolio of works

All the work did not go through a single treatment and not a single filter was used, from a huge number of doctors' portfolios, we expose only a small part of clinical cases.

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